Fortify online recovery program

In a few minutes a day Fortify guides you through quitting pornogrphy with entertaining videos and science based tools.  As you work your way through the 12 week program you build what Fortify calls your Freedom Plan. This plan consists of setting goals and learning tools you can use to overcome the urges and triggers to look at porn. 

Fortify also has a great daily tracker which allows you to track your sobriety. A lifestyle score to track how are doing on sleep, diet, stress, and exercise so you can look for patterns in your slips and relapses. Finally a Well-Being outcome which tracks what emotions you are feeling.

The cost of Fortify is very reasonable, and free for teen and youth. It also gives you access to coaching, and groups for an additional small amount..

Fortify also gives you access to a community of people overcoming pornogphy. You can see how others are approaching their recovery and learn from them.

Fortify is a great resource for how to quit porn. It’s training is set up so both teens and adults can learn from the lesions.  I would highly recommend giving Frotify a try.




$0/mo Basic

$9.99/mo Premium


$6.95/mo Students


$0/mo Premium Teens


Pornogerphy Addiction Recovery


Daily and weekly Tracker

12 week science based recovery program

Community support

Mobile App

Access all the lessons and tools through a user friendly app.

Trust after betrayal online workshop by David H. Wever a licensed psychotherapist and trauma specialist. It is a great resource for anyone working on rebuilding a relationship damaged by pornogerpy addiction and other intimate betrayals. David explaining what intimate betrayal is and how it affects your partner. He goes into how you can help your partner heal. He covers how to set up safeguards to stop the acting out behaviors and to provide safety to your partner. Best part is it is free.